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Paver Installation Services

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Do you own a housing or business facility in Kelowna, BC? Are you looking for Kelowna Paver installation services? We at Empire Landscaping are fully committed to providing our customers with quality services.

Our main purpose is to deliver the best landscaping services in Kelowna. With almost two decades of experience in the business, we have grown to become a respected provider of landscaping services in British Columbia. You will find the skills and strengths you seek for in our professionals. In addition, our superb customer service has made us stand out. If you need paver driveways, patios, project entrances, walkways, playgrounds, entrances, and other related services, we are just one call away.

Our Kelowna Paver Installation Services

Our professionals at Empire Landscaping specialize in all forms of pavers, whether natural stone, concrete, or brick. We are proud to cover residential, commercial, and industrial projects. You might have seen a couple of DIY videos on how to install pavers. However, these videos often make it look easy, and they understate the importance of professionalism in it. Remember that conditions might be unsafe for you, and the results would not be even, leading to more expensive repairs.

Our paver installation starts with the planning and layout. By taking into account the peculiarity of your space and your preferences, we can ascertain the number of pavers that you need for your exterior. We then proceed to use our cutting-edge technology for the excavation phase. We incorporate highly resistant edge restraints, and our sand bedding, joint, and base materials leave your pavers looking smooth and even.

Top-quality pavers

If you are looking for long-lasting Kelowna Paver installation services, then you have come to the right place. Our pavers are extremely durable, spanning across several decades. At any point where you need to give your pavers a facelift or replacements, our experts are always ready to help.

Empire pavers can withstand large amounts of forces, as much as 10,000 pounds pressure for every square inch. In addition, we have full-thickness pavers with at least a 2.5-inch thickness. All these qualities emphatically state the durability of our services. Also, we have a long list of designs and colours, and it is our goal to provide you with everything that you need. Our quality is simply sensational and the significant change in your evidence this before and after pictures.

Why Empire landscaping?

Our Kelowna paver installation services are comprehensive, and we deliver these quality services in record time. Rest assured, knowing you have come to the right place. We also deliver many more softscaping and hardscaping features.

You can maximize the opportunity to turn your living area into a blissful space with the different services we offer. We provide multiple options irrespective of your budget. Over the years, we have built trust with our clients, and we do not rest until they are thoroughly satisfied with the work. To this effect, we have received several testimonies and excellent reviews for our work.  We are pleased to offer the Okanagan valley and its surroundings a rich profile of landscaping services heralded by our paver installation.

You can now employ our services.  We also cover shrubs and planter beds, turf and topsoil, mulch and bedrocks, retaining walls and staircases, and garden beds. Browse through our gallery and check out the most beautiful sceneries in Kelowna. Your residence can be part of them too.

Let Us Turn Your Building to an Empire!

For added functional beautification to your landscape, our pavers provide an excellent choice for you. Pavers would always be considered a good investment because of the immediate value and aesthetics that it adds to your facility.

Giving your exterior a befitting look is priceless, and it leaves a strong statement for anyone who sees it. Hire our Kelowna paver installation services for your home or facility today. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now!